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Procedure Lights - Reflector LED


  • Very low heat
  • High-efficiency
    - Half the electric consumption of standard halogen lights
  • Long life LED’s
  • 4300 Kelvin colour temperature
  • 64,5000 Lux (6,000 foot candles)
  • Available in all 21st Century Series mounting options
  • 5-stage dimming and ON/OFF switch controlled from the patented sterilizable handle


The Isis, new from Waldmann/Derungs®, is the first medical light that produces all  the intensity of a surgical luminaire in a compact, elegant design.  Advanced engineering, technology and materials allow the remarkably lightweight Isis to move exactly as commanded.  And even with its long, maneuverable arm, the Isis fits into tight spaces that other lightsIsis_procedurelight cannot. 

  • High intensity of 45,000 lux (4200 foot candles)
  • Low heat, no fan and no unsafe bulb openings
  • Incorporates new IRC technology for extra cool operation
  • Long reliable arm and mounting systems
  • True color temperature
  • Integrated intensity and on- off control
  • Compact lighthead design
  • 5-year limited warranty

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